I'm sure everyone has heard of the silly Will Smith slap incident.  I personally think it was done solely for publicity and I'll say why.

Will Smith is not an idiot. We need to get that fact established up front. There is no way in hell he didn't realize what all was going to take place when he walked up on the stage and slapped Chris Rock. I'm not sure what type of publicity he thought he would get out of it though.  Maybe he thought it would be the 'hero' protecting the honor of his wife.  The only problem with that though is his wife has taken away any honor he had in that area a while back.  That's his business though.   I have no idea what other reason he might have justified to himself though if it was just truly anger. 

  Another thing is if that had of been me (we all do things differently) and I let myself get angry enough at those silly jokes from Rock that I would actually get up and walk on the stage of some other entertainer as so to express myself in a physical manner, I certainly wouldn't just walk up and bitch-slap the guy.  I would have hit him hard enough to knock him down and then kicked him a few times just to make sure he understood just how angry I was!  Simple assault is simple assault. 

  I just can't see Will Smith doing that and that is the reason I believe it to be totally fake.  I think that is the reason Rock refused to press charges against him too.  This gotten tv time and publicity for both of them. A whole bunch of both actually but why?
I'm sure they had a logical reason (to them at least) why they did it. 


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