I have been in the hospital for a full month now again. I had a really bad COPD attack and had to call EMS for help.  I end up in here for 3-4 weeks every time I have to come.     This time it turned out even worse though. after I had been here for just a few days  I found out that I now have lymphoma cancer to go along with the COPD.    Both COPD and the cancer are level 4 too! I really don't know what to do now.   I live on SSD and there is no way they would be willing to pay for a double lung replacement! This is one of those cases of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 👎😩

Fake meat

 I finally tried a couple of "hamburger" type patties of that fake meat stuff yesterday.    It looked like the real stuff and as far as texture goes it's pretty close to real hamburger but when it came to flavor it entirely missed the boat  in my opinion.  It didn't have hardly any flavor at all.  I could taste the condiments I put on the bread but not the "meat".   I'll stick with the real stuff. 


I thought I would have both eyes done by now but  but my sugar levels keep being too high. I've done been to the hospital 2 times for the other eye and keep being told not today.   This is getting really old. I'm waiting for my landlord to finish some repairs on the house I live in too.  So far he started about 4 weeks ago and so far hasn't done but replaced a window (that didn't actually need replacing - the wood around it needed to be fixed) and replaced some wall boards on the outside.  I actually called him to fix one of the bathroom floors that was rotting out.  He still hasn't started on that one. He will eventually get it all done though. (I hope sometime soon) That's about it for the moment. Not much else has really been going on around here. cataract surgery

 Some how I got cataracts  in both eyes about 2 months ago.  Monday I got one of them fixed and next Thursday I'm supposed to get the other one done.  Those mess you up bad - can't barely see. It's like looking through a London fog .   Other than that news the wheelchair seems to be working well. It does seems to eat batteries faster than my mobility scooter does but you can't have everything.
 Well, I seem to have gotten covid again.   I don't see how as I haven't been around anyone in the last week but the little test strip says I got it again.  Getting the shot for this stuff seems to have been a total waste of time as this is the second time I've come down with it.
 This is one I've just HAVE to try!
 A great song to start the new year with!