I used to keep a blog on here but that was also when I was a  lot more busy out the shop...   Since  I'm not so busy anymore I'm just going to talk about what I do and see going on in the world these days. 

I'm going to warn people now that  I'm not a "Woke" person.   I think about 90% of that stuff is silly. There are already laws that protect people for almost all of it to begin with. 

I do have a current project going on... Actually I have a number of various projects going on at the moment.  I will post about a couple of them here .

These are pictures of a 70 year old Palmer Industries Mobility Scooter that I intend to basically copy the frame but use my own parts for everything else.  I'm using a different type of handlebars and a different style of motor drive on this one.

It will be made from the head tube of a 20" donor bike and 1 1/2" tubing I will will buy and have bent by the local auto exhaust supply shop. I've bought quite a bit of tubing from  that guy over the years and  he does any big bends for me. His bends come out nice and clean while mine tend to get wrinkles due to using a different type bending setup.

This old system had a true differential mounted on the axle.  I don't have one of those and don't really want to spend the money ($125 or so.) to get one.  I plan to use a wheelchair motor/gearbox on each rear wheel. It will give me a bit more room under the seat and in the middle of the frame.  The two drives will also act as a differential at the same time. I've run dual  motors before and it works just fine.


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