I did a bit trading with someone and I ended up with another trike to work with.  This one isn't the standard old upright or recumbent.  It's kind of a mix and is one of those designed to help people with disabilities.  I think I'm going to convert it over to an electric scooter.. It's pretty lightweight looking so  I should be able to do it with one 500w 24v motor system. That should give me about 15 mph which is plenty of speed in my opinion for something like this.

 It's going to take some work as there are no brakes mounted on it. I think it originally had some form of scrub brakes against the tires... Odd setup there...  I will probably end up mounting disk brakes on the rear axles although I might have to extend them a little bit to get the space.  Not a big deal I don't believe.

 I plan to shorten the frame a  little bit.  That flat floor section is going to go away and there will be side panels put there to support my feet on.  I will probably extend those behind the rear frame just a little as to fit a couple of 12v batteries for the 24v supply.


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