How do you have an intelligent conversation with someone who is pathologically a liar and doesn't even know it?   I just gave up on a conversation with a woman bitcoin trader on WhatsApp.  I honestly believe she can't carry on any type of conversation without adding a bald faced lie to it about every 3-4 sentences.  They are total lies too. Easy to prove as a lie too if needed.  She is totally sincere in believing them too.  All I can think of is she is from the same genetic group of people that think the earth is flat.   Yea, I can prove that idea is bullshit easily enough too.

This COPD stuff is really getting tiresome and that wasn't a pun.  I ended back up in the emergency room again this morning with it. For a change though they just proscribed me more medicine and sent me back home.  I arrived there expecting another week long visit.  I'm so glad that didn't happen.


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